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For energy-efficient home improvements:

To Learn About HERO:
phone: 855-HERO-411 (855-437-6411)

Support for Existing Customers:
phone: 855-225-HERO (855-225-4376)

For more information on selling or refinancing your HERO-improved home,visit our FAQs.

For almost any type of home improvement:
phone: 844-GO-BENJI (844-462-3654)
Contractor Support
phone: 844-RA-APPLY (844-722-7759)
fax: 619-374-7382
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A secure online portal for contractors built to make the Renovate America process as easy as possible.

Support for local government officials.
Please contact your Renovate America market development representative or email
Support for real estate professionals.

We are available to answer any questions about
buying, selling or refinancing a HERO-improved home.

phone: 855-225-HERO (855-225-4376)
We provide support to:
  • Real estate agents and brokers
  • Escrow officers
  • Mortgage lenders, brokers and loan officers
  • Title Officers and agents
  • Appraisers
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Have a question? View our FAQs.

To request a pay-down or pay-off statement, you can now log into the Balance Information Center to process payment requests. In the Balance Information Center, you can see an estimated balance, request a detailed statement, and/or request a pay-down or pay-off statement.

Renovate America offers two consumer financing options for home improvements: HERO financing and Benji financing.

How you get approved: Eligibility for HERO is based on factors including your home equity, household income, debt obligations, and the products you want to finance. These criteria may vary by jurisdiction. Residential properties with up to four units may be eligible. Benji is primarily based on your credit score.

Which home improvements are eligible: Nearly every type of home improvement project can be financed using Benji, and only energy-efficient, water-efficient or hurricane protection projects may qualify for HERO Program. Specific product eligibility varies by state.

How you pay back the financing: HERO is secured by your home and allows you to repay through your property taxes. Benji financing is paid back in traditional monthly payments. 

HERO is currently available in California, Florida, and Missouri. Benji is currently available in all states except for South Dakota.

Apply for Benji through a contractor who is part of the Renovate America network. Applications are accepted through the online application, mobile application or with the assistance of a Benji customer service representative. Contact a representative at 844-GO-BENJI.

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If you live in a city or county where HERO has been approved by the local government, you can apply for HERO financing.

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